Who we are


We are a small team of math traders who have been trading for over 12 years but as of 2014, we have been fully devoted into trading as our career and nothing else.

Like many traders, we have gone through similar learning curves in our early years and have blown a few accounts along the way in our early days. It’s just the excitement after having garnered some tips and immature understanding of trading, experimenting with indicators, getting mesmerized hearing some ‘gurus’ regurgitating same stuff everywhere but packaged differently. Well, all this would sound familiar.

We dropped all these nonsense and started looking at trading mathematically instead. Coz at the end, it is just the numbers that matter, as in profits, losses, entry prices & exit prices. Everything was revolving around numerical figures. So the mathematical concept of trading came so strong upon us that we dropped everything and continued our journey on as full time career traders. We have held no other jobs since …. only fully focused with trading with extremely long hours of dedicated work into developments.

Being from mathematical backgrounds, we started off with complex mathematical trading models and eventually perfected our Math Grid-Hedge trading strategies. These are quite complex in nature with settings tailored and customized based on each particular currency pair that we trade with.

We ran several fully automated strategies on 4 servers for more than a year to two years consistently and kept records of every parameter daily by establishing our own trading logs. Arduous work but worth the dedication as the learning curve became steeper along the way. While leaving these on auto trading, we developed other mathematical approaches to trading.

Our trading was without indicators. Why use something lagging when we know its lagging? Hence, we purely relied on mathematical models after deep data analytics of years and years of historical data right down to 1 min time frames. Spent a lot of our own resources to obtain  loads of necessary information along the way for our analysis, perfected our models each time and ran those strategies.

We have always believed in having fully automated systems or at least partially. Being glued to the computer is not the way to trade in our opinion. It robs us of decent living, family time and especially, to attend to sudden uncalled for urgencies away from our desks.

Thus came the thought of doing something to help many others who were struggling to make ends meet and even having been laid off their jobs, lost their businesses and such. The global economy over 2014 onwards was not so rosy and many businesses were retrenching people, closing down and going through so many changes.

We didn’t see where our journey would take us then,  but with the conviction to help others, we closed a good portion of our trading accounts and channeled resources into development work plus supporting our monthly living expenses. This was a drastic decision but it propelled us to dedicate our full energies into developing several automated trading systems.

We knew that our Math Grid-Hedging systems were too complex for any average trader and also a little complex for us to teach the average Joe even if we wanted to. However, experienced professional traders and fund managers would love these. Well, so we started tuning down our thoughts to churn out simpler Math trading models.

We did these very successfully and in fact, it took us through another journey of looking at trading from other angles. Our inspiration came from watching a person mopping a floor between obstacles of furniture  around.

That was a “light bulb’ moment. To develop math models to trade like a ‘mop’. Irrespective of trading direction. We saw that there was money to be made if we traded like ‘mops’, sweeping and clearing our positions along the way. That’s clearly how markets move and that’s clearly how market makers wipe us out each time. Clearing stops up and down.

Thus came about 2 trading EAs, which we use actively ourselves even this day for our Live trading.

But, during the course of developing these EAs, what started out as ‘simple’ mopping idea for us, got more and more complex as we added more and more features and functions. All in all, these took us a year for several modifications, stringent test runs and new modifications and so on. Was sort of never ending. These EAs have now turned out to be so powerful that they could be customized to trade any instrument. We have even tested out auto trading CFDs like the S&P 500 and other indices aside from metals and Forex.

So we ended up having good working EAs but once again mathematically a little complex to teach an average Joe or worse still, the thought of doing tutorials and have them uploaded as training materials for educational purposes was going to overwhelming.

A glimpse of what we have been talking about.

However, we ended up eventually with no simpler ‘magical’ EA to help other traders in a much simpler way.

Again, we had to tone down our thinking further and bring ourselves from being overly complex to a level where we can easily reach out to at all types of traders. The journey of being very complex in the first place helped us a lot to be able to break things down and take on simpler routes to trading.

We knew that most traders use some form of indicators and might have trading strategies built around these aids. So, our intent was to come up with an EA which all traders would find useful in some way or another to meet their trading needs.

We did meet with several struggling traders, attended some forex group sessions, some by reading in chat forums etc and understood some of the issues traders were facing.

We were able to tone down finally to relate to the real problems many traders were facing.

Thus came about the development of our classic Trader’s EA which we use very actively for our own trading.

The Heart of our trading systems.




The SD Pro Stealth Breakout & Directional trading EA was developed, tested, modified several times with a lot of thought put into it and it took us easily 6 months to have this thought through in stages, modified with more and more features and functions along the way and done up eventually.

We made the possibility of using this EA to trade most forms of strategies easily and even added an auto trading feature if there were traders who would prefer to run on auto. Of course, it would be recommended to run auto trades by not risking too much for each trade.

The SD Pro EA for all traders including Fund managers, has quite a bit of thought processes in it and to make it very versatile with convenience and ease in mind for traders to be able to use it a to trade their own strategies with confidence. We have  even incorporated a remote execution mode for traders who might be busy professionals and wishing to place orders via their mobile devices but having the EA manage their trades thereafter.

Now, finally we achieved what we intended to and that was to have something as our offering to all traders to arm them with a good EA cum trading tool for their trading success.

We also wish to acknowledge this below.

Along our own journey, we have come to know a hand full of great dedicated people whom we feel blessed and indebted to. We have gotten to know these wonderful souls and value them a lot for their contributions made in our journey. Our gratitude and prayers are with them daily. Without the collective effort of everyone in this long journey of ours, nothing would have been possible nor would we be where we are today.

Well. This is our story about who we are.

From hereon, we would be starting with Forex training and putting materials and substance which we have developed into training modules. These would be done for our next stage of contributory efforts and we hope to have these put on line for aspiring traders.
Other than this, we will provide Signals services for those who may wish to follow our trading styles. At a later stage, these may also include our Math Grid-Hedge trading strategies.

If you are in as a member, we would certainly keep you posted of periodic new developments along the way that might be of interest to you.

Feel free to join as our member  here.

Do check out the other pages of our site and perhaps give the SD Pro a trial run.

With this, we wish you well in your trading and with your lives.

“There is no Greater Wealth in this World than Peace of Mind.”

Peace of Mind comes with a stable foundation, sufficient resources, a good family with good health.

(If you find our website not appealing in presentation, we do apologize for this, as we do not out source any of these to web developers since there are quite a bit of Intellectual Property stuff involved for the back end work. These are not things we would be comfortable sharing with a site developer. But we will try to get the site more appealing as we move forward. First things first for now. That is to reach out to traders to help them out)

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