Unique Setups for All Windows PCs

Let the Truth be told. Many are innocently wasting a lot of money on new Computer purchases or RAM upgrades just to be able to have their PC’s to be FAST and to handle MORE. All because of innocent unawareness of how to really set things up once and for all to optimize these devices.

But before talking about the details further, please note this below

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Ok…back to the subject:

Let’s look at these unnecessary costs that many of us are paying to improve our PCs:-

  • RAM replacement and upgrade costs anywhere from US$ 50 to 200

  • New Computer purchase, anywhere from US$1,000 to 2,500 (not including new MS Office License!)

  • Computer Service, anywhere from US$200 up and Computer Service Centre’s ‘reset to factory default’ could cost a Bucket of Tears!

Save your MONEY please!

(prevention is better than cure that’s gonna hurt your pocket badly)

Look around and see. How many Laptops & PCs are being dumped to Recyclers. While PC makers and OS providers laugh to their banks and report Millions in Profits year over year. All these are at your expense!

Follow these Unique Step by Step Instructional Guide to set your devices once and for all in the sequence we have laid out. Important that it is done sequentially as prescribed. Be your own IT person for your computer devices. Applies to your new Windows PCs too, including Windows 11.  Take Charge of your own Computers please!

  • Increase your Computer’s capacity to open and use more applications without the need to spend on upsizing your RAM or costly intentions to upgrade your Computers.

  • Resolve and permanently end any intermittent application hang ups or lengthy load-up times.

  • Improve heavy Computer usage for Gaming, Online Video Conferences, Trading, RDP remote connection access, lengthy spooling issues

  • Set your Computer to top notch performance with no interference to Windows updates. Keep your System running in top gear.

  • Save your money from unnecessary costly RAM upgrades, Computer services and even the intention to upgrade your Computers.

  • End your costly headaches here. Set even your old Computers running efficiently and trouble free hereon.

The last thing you would want is to have a PC slowing down your work, not booting up fast enough, erratic performance with applications, presentations, momentary freeze-ups when on online video conferencing, patchy or glitchy screens when watching movies or playing games and even getting hung up when you are attempting to trade your stocks, options, forex, cryptos, etc and finally heading to the service centre just to be told that all needs to be wiped out and set to factory default! Can you relate to these? If these have happened before, they can happen again.

Well, here is the Fix for you which will also turn you into your own PC Specialist

This is NOT a ‘Speed up your Computer’ thingy…. it is more than that and high chance that you are not aware of these essential setups to help you save a huge load of money over unnecessary issues which you might be experiencing now or could crop up unannounced anytime. Do seriously get this and save yourself an arm and a leg especially if you are using your PC for your work or business or even Gaming!

Included in it is a Downloadable program required for certain Automation purposes ……

All instructions are in very easy step by step format.  Even for one who is not very PC literate. The remarkable improved performance of your PC will be very noticeable.

Click the video below to see the performance of our own old desktop PC with 3 multi screens, after the Setup.

Get your access to

For all Windows versions (both Old and New Computers)

US$ 27.00



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