SD Pro v3.20.1-L Tutorials

Here are a series of tutorials that would help with a quicker understanding of the features and functions of the SD Pro v3.20.1-L Stealth Breakout Trading EA.

Videos 1 to 10 were recorded with the previous version SD Pro v3.10-L but are still valid. Two new tutorials were added after Tutorial 10 which talk about the new features and functions of your SD Pro v3.20-L and now, we have improved this a little, with the new SD Pro v3.20.1-L

The only differences in V3.20.1 is, we have included an option for you to decide the percentage order to exit at TP1 instead of 50% in the previous versions.  You now have the control over this and could decide to exit at any value e.g 20%, 60%, etc at TP1. Just enter the value in the setting. The other change is, we have removed the True/False selector for ATR buffer. Just set ATR buffer to ‘0’ (zero) if you wish not to use that buffer.

Please go through all videos from the first here and the stand alone video on the Line Shifter Indicator

Tutorial 1 User Defined Lines

Tutorial 2 Automated Trading mode

Tutorial 3 Remote Execution

Tutorial 4 One-Click Mode

Tutorial 5 Partial Closure

Tutorial 6 Trailing Stops

Tutorial 7 Break Even feature (SD Pro v3.20-L has new added functions)

Tutorial 8 Predefined Trade Setups

Tutorial 9 User Defined Stop loss

Tutorial 10 In-built Safety features and Tips

SD Pro v3.20-L Specifics

Tutorial 1 Functions of new Chart Buttons

Tutorial 2 New Break Even feature, Combo use with Trailing Stop and Use of Vertical Lines Indicator

Line Shifter Indicator


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