SD Pro v3.20.1-L Straddle Directional Stealth Breakout Trader

The SD Pro v3.20-L Straddle Directional Stealth Breakout Trader is an NFA Compliant MT4 Expert Adviser that brings several versatilities for trade executions  with a high level of pre-empted information, flexibility and ease. Use it with any Broker’s platform.

The EA automatically manages your trade positions accordingly and relieves the emotions in any trading set up.

Developed by full time career traders for all traders including Fund managers.

It has 4 trading modes,  all in Stealth execution.

  • Automated Trading mode (trade automatically at predetermined breakout times)

  • User Defined mode (to define own breakout positions)

  • Remote Execution (order placements via MT4 mobile app)

  • One-Click mode (Excellent for breakout scalping strategies)

Solves these trading concerns and much much more:


The main function of the EA is to trade breakouts and retracements in straddle or directional execution. It shows no visible pending orders, stop losses nor take profits in the MT4 platform. Complete stealth execution. Allows for discreet order blasts at strategic positions and automated order management in a complete stealth mode.

It automatically computes lot sizes based on your own defined risk settings, relieving you of unnecessary hassles and worries.

After all, the Key to successful trading is Risk and Money management.

SD Pro 3.20-L even handles this automatically.

All exit levels are dynamically computed with clarity. Several power packed features help in quick trade placements at ease with confidence, to catch breakouts or to set strategic trade positions for News based trading without the worry of risking more than one intends.

It has a variation of versatilities. You could pre-lay your strategic trading positions even before price reaches it and let the EA manage it perfectly. Plan your entries and exits using your own preferred strategies with exits at Fibonacci, pivots, support resistance levels, supply, market profiles, and supply/demand zones.

Trade your own strategies with Moving Average crossovers, Bollinger bands, Convergences & Divergences etc with ease, using SD Pro’s Directional execution.

Opt to trade with its Auto trading function. Combine a multiple set of trading modes with several charts of the same pair if you like.

Place trades remotely from your MT4 mobile app if you are on the go.

Superb for breakout scalping strategies at one click of a button.

Trade Forex, Commodities, Metals, CFD, Cryptos all from your MT4 terminal of your own brokers.

The benefits are stacked in your favour to maximise profits. It truly makes trading enjoyable with emotions completely removed.


Some trading tips to go with


You will get complete User instructions and several short video tutorials to a quick start.

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We use the SD Pro daily and here are some captures of our trading results.




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