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Free up your MT4 memory utilization by automatically cleaning up objects, horizontal lines, trend lines, arrows after your own predetermined number of days. The continuous use of algos or even manual trading chalks up objects on charts and build up in its history. These tend to bog down MT4 responsiveness as with every tick or every new bar, MT4 has to read ALL the historical objects, arrows, trend lines and refresh these. These unnecessary objects simply results in ones Metatrader 4’s memory utilization and takes up computer or VPS resources along.

Many traders face MT4 freeze ups and slow downs. Many of these instances could be due to the load of historical objects that have accumulated on every chart that have not been flushed off.

The Object Cleaner will automatically do the clean-up on the charts it is attached to and you can set it to clean only after your preferred number of days. You could set it not to clean horizontal lines for a specified range of pips above and below the current price when it is activated or even specify it not to clean any preferred object by filling in its string name such as Horizontal, Vertical, Channel, Rectangle, and so on.

This is a must have program especially when running several charts, terminals and even automated algos, making it cumbersome to clean objects every now and then for each chart.

Use with MT4 Strategy tester too!

It is also super to be loaded onto back testing chart templates especially when back testing over several years or testing say on M1 time frame. It automatically flushes off all objects, arrows, trade trend line records, all other objects not specified in User’s exclusion list. Backtests do not slow down and consume VPS or PC’s CPU memory. Tick data testing could complete much faster seamlessly.

Keep your Metatrader 4 intelligently optimized like a Pro trader with this.


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